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About us

ARBUZZ * creative collective brings together fresh and juicy minds.

We design and implement innovative technologies to generate and process images.

As the only authors of the solutions we offer, we can easily customize them to suit individual needs.

We create original projects bringing together a team of programmers, web designers, 3D creators, image engineers, musicians and stage designers.

All projects are also supported with marketing, PR and advertising activities.

We also organize the necessary infrastructure and operate the installations during the events.

ARBUZZ* contains the highest concentration of vitamin 3D and a high concentration of AR to augment the perception of reality.


AUGMENTED REALITY – AR is a term used to describe the fusion of the real world with the virtual world generated in computer memory.

2D or 3D graphics are applied on a digital video stream using the sensing and tracking of markers. A marker is a symbol defined in the program and detected by the computer in real time within the video stream. The computer defines its coordinates and displays computer graphics onto the image. A marker can be of any shape, such as e.g. product packaging.

The installation is made up of a video camera, a computer, a screen and 3D models which have to be prepared beforehand.

We deliver the software and equipment, create 3D models and scenarios for campaigns. Sample use of our augmented reality in public space.

VIDEO MAPPING – spectacular, large format multimedia projections, usually in urban space and on buildings. The projections allow to breathe life into a space. They stun with their grandeur, surprise the audience and make them remember the event for a long time afterwards. The Video Mapping technology is used to display videos from a projector using 3D models onto shapes and buildings.

The software allows to perfectly align the video with the shape of the building which then can change its shape, colour or even appear to be moving. Mapping as a video art technique is used all over the world as an element of activities aimed at reinforcing the image of a brand.

Apart from delivering the software, we can help you choose a building or create an object, create the scenario, animation and music as well as deliver the necessary equipment.

INTERACTIVE PROJECTIONS – the technology is based on the sensing of motion and gestures and allows the audience to interact with the video. It can be used as an addition to video mapping as well as serving as an interactive bar, floor, wall, screen or installation. It can become a great permanent display in museums.

We deliver the software and equipment, create interactive scenarios, animations and music.

VIRTUAL CHANGING ROOM – using a depth sensor and our own software we have created a virtual changing room in which 3D clothing models are put on a user in real time.

We deliver the software and the necessary equipment and create 3D models.


Interactive installation „Sun” for Centrum Hewelianum

We created an interactive model of the Sun for Centrum Hewelianum in Gdańsk. It’s an educational installation and part of the project entitled "Z Linijką na Słońce" (“With the ruler to the Sun”). In this project we combined Video Mapping technology with the sensing of gestures. On a styrofoam section of the Sun its individual zones are displayed and information about them appears on a screen beside the sphere. The user, standing in the indicated spot, makes a hand gesture that launches the application and then chooses the zones of the Sun and the related information with arm movements. The whole project consists of the Sun model, a computer, a projector, a depth sensor and original ARBUZZ software.

Video Mapping - Desperados Wildest Night

Based on ARBUZZ original software, we realized Video Mapping during the Desperados Wildest Night event in Gdańsk. The world of the brand was enclosed in a four-and-a-half-meter copy of a bottle that was brought to life at midnight. We created the model of the bottle, the animations, remixed the music and operated the installation during the event. 

Interactive projections

During the Desperados Wildest Night event we delivered interactive projections that were displayed on a bar. We created five animations related to the world of the brand that responded to the user’s movement. We used our own video mapping software and motion sensing technology.

Makbet Remix

We had the pleasure to take part in the fourteenth edition of Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk. The „Makbet Remix” show, directed by Robert Florczak, was acted out in an old tram depot. The new interpretation of Makbeth combined dance, theatre, music and video art on one stage. We delivered the software that allowed to display video on moving banners and Lady Makbeth’s dress. We used Video Mapping, motion sensing and infrared technology.

Augmented Reality Installation

The interactive multimedia kiosk that made use of augmented reality was part of "Obywatel Solidarność" („Solidarity Citizen”) project by the Foundation for Local Democracy Development in collaboration with the authors – Beata Staszynska and Onno Hansenn. The project was realized on the anniversary of the signing of the Gdansk Agreement.

The AR installation was available to the audience from 31 August until the end of November 2010. The screen displayed letters that floated in the air and responded to movement. After showing the marker to the camera, they formed the word “Solidarity” in one of the languages spoken in the European Union.

The photo of the user was sent automatically to the website of the project.

We shared our augmented reality solutions and delivered the software used for the automatic sending of the photos.

Augmented Reality in a book entitled "The Millionaire’s curse"

Our augmented reality solution was used in a book for teenagers entitled „The Millionaire’s curse”. The book is the first part of a trilogy about the adventures of a 13-year-old Gerald who suddenly inherits a fortune and has to solve a mystery that comes with it. On some pages of the book there are special markers that hide virtual, animated 3D illustrations. We created the AR application placed on the publisher’s website that readers could easily install on their computers. The book was published by Łyński Kamień publishing house. Learn more at www.klatwamiliardera.pl